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Travel freaks round the world like to gather maximum information before visiting a new place. People are more into travelling these days than ever before. Social media is majorly responsible for this change. Its a great feeling to explore new places and knowing their culture and tradition. Travelling gives you exposure and makes you a lot more independent. Before visiting a new city or country we should always pen down the facts about the place. Facts such as places to visit, specialities of the place, the types of food, modes of transport, language spoken etc. These facts prove to be helpful when going to a new place. The blogs in this section will help you find explore some new places and will also share amazing facts about places around the globe. Travel enthusiasts from Chandigarh and other places will share their experiences top give the readers an actual picture of various places. And tips on how to get there in best possible way with a limited budget. Information about some less explored places around Chandigarh.