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Food is considered as a major stress buster. And it’s a saying that ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Cooking is an art and everybody cannot be an artist. Our blogs in this section share some exciting facts about food that everybody doesn’t know and specialties of various places around the globe. Interactions with Chandigarh based Chefs and Hoteliers giving an insight to their kitchen and what they serve. Famous food joints, breweries and festivals in Chandigarh with their specialties. The blogs also give readers an at a glance about some multi-cuisine restaurants. Some easy to cook recipes to cater the taste buds. Reviews about the latest cafes, restaurants, bakeries and take away zone around Chandigarh. Recipes for fancy cooking for kids. Easy to follow tips to make diets tasty. New additions to meals to keep a healthy regimen. Tips on Fancy cooking for parties and some quick recipes for kids.